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Raising Awareness

We absolutely love great causes especially those that involve elephants. Our designer, Alexandra Visited Thailand this past month to learn more about the extraordinary work organizations like, The Chai Lai Orchid who work with rescued elephants. We want to recognize their extraordinary effort in educating not only the people of Thailand, but tourist as well. Please take a moment to watch this short video that explains their newest cause, we would love for all of you to donate what you can and help them achieve their goal!

Our Designer, Alex with Dee Dee. She truly is such a loving and majestic creature.

Alex spent the whole day Playing, bathing and feeding rescued elephants in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Chai Lai Orchid is set out to change the way of tourism with elephants in Thailand. Instead of exploiting and making the elephants suffer with chair rides they offer travelers the chance to experience an authentic day as a Mahout, or an elephant care taker. Starting off the day by giving them special sugar cane treats, trekking through the jungle, going on the river for a nice swim and finishing off with a nice bath.

#travel #elephants #rescuedelephants #savetheelephants #kaiearth

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